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Sustainability is the name of the game

Working hard to create Sustainable Landscapes

From incorporating as many native Minnesota and Wisconsin perennial plants to promoting low-water softscapes, helping the local ecosystem is important to us. These steps help create permanent habitats for pollinators to come back to every year. We work hard to make our landscaping sustainable whenever we can.

Turn your yard or garden into a pollinator sanctuary and make a difference in local ecosystems. Everything we do adds up to building a brighter future and helping the Earth. 

Native minnesota flower garden sunny.jpg

How Sustainable Landscaping helps

  • Planting native plants saves money on maintenance

  • It improves soil health

  • Creates habitats for pollinators

  • Contributes to water conservation

  • Helps filter out air, water, and soil pollutants 

  • Minnesotas Lawn2Legumes program will offer you up to $400 to cover the costs of installing a pollinator garden in your yard

Make It Easy!

Sustainability Projects 

Ready to begin your sustainable landscape project? Our team can help bring your ideas to life. Here are a few great sustainable ideas to strike inspiration and get you started!

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