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When To Hire A Professional Landscaper

Updated: Mar 20

By: Alex Frie

SunKissed Landscapes LLC


Beautiful new landscape

Knowing when to hire a professional landscaper can be a hard decision to make.

There are many small landscaping projects you can do around your home that are very affordable. You can plant some flowers in a flowerbed, lay some fresh mulch for that finishing touch in your gardens, trim up some shrubs, clean up your lawn and gardens, pick weeds, and so much more. You can go to your local garden/ landscape supply store and get supplies for relatively cheap and then do the work to save yourself some money on these simple projects.

But what about when you want to do more? When is it time to hire the professionals?

When your landscapes need design work, brick walkways put in, new flower beds installed, trees trimmed, water features added, drainage issues fixed, or retaining walls installed, its probably time to hire a landscaper. These are all projects that require much more time, commitment, work, materials, knowledge, and money to ensure they are done properly.

This is where hiring the right help can make all the difference.

Professional landscapers bring something else to the table that most homeowners just don't have.

Experience and Time

You should hire a landscaper for larger projects because most landscapers you hire have experience. Regardless of how long a landscaper has been in the business, they have experience they have gained from doing previous jobs. They learn the right ways to prune a tree or shrub, the best way to install landscape fabric, the best plants for each soil type, and the best ways to make your landscapes look their best.

Good landscapers will also have other credentials that set them apart from the regular homeowner, such as having a landscape design degree or a degree in horticulture.

These landscapers do these jobs full time and have the time needed to complete large projects in a timely manner. So, when you're busy with work, gatherings with friends or family, making dinner, taking care of kids, running errands, or simply just living your life, landscapers are out there to help you. Large landscaping projects can be very time consuming and require much more than a weekend of work and often require 2 or more skilled people to get the job done.

When you go to hire a landscaper/landscaping company, look for a company that is motivated, friendly, has great attention to detail, customer service that goes above and beyond, and some background experience.

SunKissed Landscapes offers a wide variety of services and options to help brighten up your landscapes. We have 6 years of combined experience and are willing to work with others within their budgets so that everyone can enjoy nice yards and gardens. Creating beautiful landscapes is what it's all about.

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