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Landscape Projects in Maplewood

Your yard in Maplewood is already the yard of your dreams — you just might not know it yet! All it takes is your vision and a local landscaping company near you to tap into your yard’s potential and see it in a new light.


If you’re looking for a reason to begin your landscape projects in Maplewood this summer, let this be it! SunKissed Landscapes is a landscaping company near you that wants to help give you the yard you’ve been dreaming of. This is a great time to start thinking of some landscape projects in Maplewood that you want to see done that can change the way you see your front (or back!) yard. Our established presence and experience working throughout Maplewood, MN has given us an opportunity to meet our neighbors and help reignite the pride they feel when they look outside. 


As softscape specialists, SunKissed Landscapes take into account every detail, starting with a free quote and design for your landscape projects in Maplewood. We work closely with homeowners to curate the perfect design and implement a custom plan for each and every project. Big or small, complete transformation or minor refresh, we take pride in our projects, just as you do. Our goal as a local landscaping company in Maplewood, MN is to tap into the potential of your yard and add to your pride that you have in your home. We enjoy working on landscape projects in Maplewood because these homes are our neighbors and the projects let us let our inner landscape nerds out. 


Some of our landscape project specialties include: 


  • Flower bed installations

  • Stepper paths

  • Hedge trimming and mowing

  • Re-seeding

  • Retaining wall installation

In addition to these listed landscaping services near you, we offer a variety of other softscape specialties. We can customize each project and service offering to fit the needs of your landscape project in Maplewood. And it all begins with a discussion.

Local Landscaping Services


Maplewood's Neighborhood Landscapers

As a local landscaping company near you, SunKissed Landscapes has enhanced the curb appeal of many yards in Maplewood and throughout the East Metro Twin Cities. Alex and Caine are outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for a good landscaping project and an appreciation for how the little details can make all the difference in a yard or garden. We take pride in the work we do on local landscape projects, just as you take pride in the look and feel of your yard.


Each home, each yard, is more than how it looks on the outside. It’s how you feel when you are in your yard, enjoying company, hosting parties, or just reading a good book on a summer afternoon. We will work with you to achieve that feeling of comfort, relaxation, and pride when we help with your next project in Maplewood


View some of the work we have done, and get in touch to begin discussions of your dream landscaping project today. 

Our Work

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