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Sustainable Landscaping in Afton, MN

When we think of landscaping, pictures of rocks and garden waterfalls might come to mind. Or perhaps stepping stones that lead to a beautiful memorial garden. These types of landscaping projects are wonderful and can totally make your yard a peaceful space to sit and reflect. But you can have the same beauty and Zen in your backyard while creating mini ecosystems and habitats, too! With sustainable landscaping in Afton, MN, your yard can turn heads while taking care of the earth at the same time.


Whether you want to create a new pollinator habitat, plant native grasses, or simply reduce your water usage, there are so many great sustainable landscaping ideas to try in Afton this summer. It’s all about being conscious of the natural ecosystems that are in your backyard, and how you can build around and for them. The best part is, you can incorporate sustainable landscaping in Afton while still having a beautiful yard and landscaping! 


Here are just a few sustainable landscaping ideas to try in Afton:


  • Rain Gardens

  • Native Grasses

  • Rock Gardens

  • Pollinator Habitats

  • Home Composting


Each of these projects offers so much in terms of natural beauty, different colors, serenity, and of course, sustainability. If you want to try sustainable landscaping in Afton, MN, give the local landscaping team at SunKissed a call. We can help you find inspiration and get started on your project!

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The Earth Will Thank You

Individual efforts can add up to make a big difference for our planet Earth. From the smallest bugs in your yard to the birds in the sky, the plants in the ground to the bees on top, there is a whole ecosystem under your nose. Give back to it with local sustainable landscaping projects and reap the benefits while having a beautiful yard. Seriously, the Earth will thank you!


At SunKissed Landscapes, we take pride in offering green projects that give back and are beneficial to our local landscapes. Yard projects that work with the butterflies, birds, and bees make us giddy to get started and see what we can accomplish. Working throughout the Twin Cities East Metro, including Afton, MN, we enjoy getting to know our neighbors and hearing their project ideas. Ready to share yours and get started on your next landscape project? Give us a call!

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