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Our Work

Check out some of our previous or ongoing work down below. See great before and after photos and read a little about each project!

Flowerbed Restoration


This garden bed was full of weeds and had lots of perennials scattered all over


We dug up all the good perennials, removed the weeds, then laid down new landscape fabric and some fresh mulch

With the stone steppers now visible, and the existing plants replanted(they perked up within the first week), we made this flowerbed usable again! 


The stone steppers now lead to both planters so the garden owner can plant their vegetables with ease.

Front Garden Touch Up

This Landscape needed some weeding/cleanup and the home owner requested we rearrange some stones, add in a brick edging to help with mulch running off onto the sidewalk, and plant some more plants. Some of these new plants included, Milkweed, Coneflowers, Creeping thyme, Creeping Jenny, and Lilies

Backyard Flowerbed

This customer wanted a new flowerbed installed in the back corner of their backyard. This flowerbed was added to help add some nice scenery and a little bit of extra privacy once the plants grow taller. The customer also requested the bed have a natural dirt edging around the sides.

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