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Sustainable Landscaping in River Falls, WI

Who says you can’t have a beautiful yard and a lively ecosystem at the same time? With a sustainable landscape in River Falls, WI, you can contribute to the solution while refreshing the look and feel of your front and backyard. This summer, try a different solution and be a part of something greater in your local community with sustainable landscaping in River Falls, WI


There are many ways to incorporate sustainable landscaping in River Falls that look great and are effective. For example, planting native grasses that don’t require a lot of extra water can help reduce your water usage. (You can even go so far as to replacing your entire lawn in River Falls! But let’s not get out of hand, here.) At the end of the day, it’s about promoting natural landscapes and providing healthy habitats for local ecosystems and pollinators. When you incorporate sustainable landscaping to your home in River Falls, you can help the environment while benefiting from a great-looking yard, too!


If you are looking for ideas to incorporate sustainable landscaping in River Falls this summer, start here. We have plenty of ideas to inspire you, and when you have something in mind, we can help execute! Here are some great ways to try sustainable landscaping near you:


  • Rain Gardens

  • Native Grasses

  • Rock Gardens

  • Pollinator Habitats

  • Home Composting


Once you find the right sustainable landscaping project for your River Falls home, then it’s just a matter of gathering the right supplies and putting it all together! If you’d rather have a laid-back summer, our local River Falls landscaping team can stop by and help give your backyard a total sustainable makeover.  


Find inspiration and get started on your next River Falls landscaping project today!

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Introduce Your Yard to the Birds and the Bees

We are lucky enough to live in the great state of Wisconsin, which means we get to enjoy the natural beauty all year round. If you want to add to the River Falls landscape, consider how sustainable landscaping could help. Give back to your local ecosystems in River Falls by beginning a sustainable landscaping project. 


At SunKissed Landscapes, we take pride in offering green projects that give back and are beneficial to our local landscapes. Yard projects that work with the butterflies, birds, and bees make us giddy to get started and see what we can accomplish. If you want to do something that will make a difference to the earth while also making your yard look amazing, try a sustainable landscaping project this summer! Trust us, the birds and bees will thank you!

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