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Landscape Projects in Oakdale

Your yard in Oakdale already is the yard of your dreams — you just might not know it yet! All it takes is your vision and a local landscaping company near you to tap into your yard’s potential and bring your dream to life. 


This is the perfect summer to finally start on that next landscape project in Oakdale that you have been thinking of. There is so much potential in the space you are working with, from a complete yard transformation to an updated flower bed in your front walk. If you are thinking about starting landscape projects in Oakdale this year, the local team at SunKissed Landscapes can help! We have extensive experience working in Oakdale, MN and the surrounding Twin Cities East Metro helping proud homeowners achieve their vision for their landscape projects. 


When it comes to softscapes and landscape projects near you, SunKissed are your local specialists. We work alongside homeowners to discuss their dream project and how every detail can make a difference. Then we will give you a free quote for your landscape projects in Oakdale. Backyard or front yard, flower gardens or retaining walls, we know that even the smallest details can make all the difference in the curb appeal of your home. Our goal as a local landscaping company in Oakdale, MN is to add to the beauty through your landscape projects, giving you even more pride in your home. 


Some of our landscape project specialities include: 


  • Flower bed installations

  • Stepper paths

  • Hedge trimming and mowing

  • Re-seeding

  • Retaining wall installation

This is just a fraction of what we can do to help move your landscape projects in Oakdale forward. We take each project and customize it to fit your needs, not ours. We’ll sit down and listen and have a collaborative discussion that ensures your yard project truly fits your vision.

Local Landscaping Services


Oakdale's Trusted Landscaping Company

Started in 2022, SunKissed Landscapes is a local landscaping company operating within the East Metro area, including Oakdale, MN. Our team, made up of Alex and Caine, has a passion for the outdoors and an appreciation for a good landscaping piece! As landscape enthusiasts, we enjoy finding new ways to bring our clients’ ideas to life, and we can’t wait to see our neighbors this summer as they enjoy their yards in a new way. Work with a local landscaping company near you and uncover the potential of your yard. 

Big or small, we have taken on a variety of local landscape projects throughout Oakdale and beyond, and we can help with yours! View some of the work we have done, and get in touch to begin discussions of your dream landscaping project today.

Our Work

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