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DIY Landscape Ideas in Oak Park Heights, MN

As summer approaches in Oak Park Heights, MN, it is a great time to start thinking of some DIY landscape ideas for your yard! Trying your hand at some new yard and garden projects in your home is a fun way to spend more time outdoors, add some personality to your outdoor space, and take pride in a project well-done.


Add some more beauty to the natural landscape of Oak Park Heights with your own DIY landscape projects. Whether you are tackling your garden, adding in a new patio, or installing stepping paths or even a fountain to your yard, there are plenty of DIY landscape ideas in Oak Park Heights to try this season.


As you begin to find some DIY landscape ideas in Oak Park Heights, consider your yard space and what obstacles you can move or get rid of, and what you may need to work around. For example, a row of bushes or lilacs might be a bit easier to remove than longstanding oak trees or a strange lawn shape. Make sure your local yard project is appropriate for the space you’re working with. Create a plan, or call local landscapers in Oak Park Heights who can visualize your DIY landscape ideas and help you design your dream yard.


Try These DIY Landscape Ideas in Oak Park Heights:


  • Installing a garden bed

  • Creating a stepping path

  • Installing a memorial garden

  • Native plant sanctuary

  • Pollinator garden


Start with the easy tasks and remove what you know you can and what you don’t want anymore. Work around the pesky items that may be a bit harder to do (and if you really want to change those items, consider calling an experienced local landscaper in Oak Park Heights!). 


Then, get to work gathering your materials and installing your project! From stepping stones to retaining walls, vegetable gardens to new trees, there are plenty of great DIY landscaping ideas in Oak Park Heights, MN that you can try this summer!


These projects can offer a lot of pride in your yard and home, and can even potentially increase the value of your property down the road! Enjoy the project now, the yard later, and the summer for years to come.

Local Landscaping Services


See Your Yard SunKissed

And remember, if you need help completing your DIY landscape ideas in Oak Park Heights, give the local landscaping team at SunKissed Landscapes a call! We work throughout the Twin Cities East Metro and Western Wisconsin to help proud homeowners complete their landscaping projects at every stage, whether you’re just beginning or need help with that final push. We are proud to live where we work, including in Oak Park Heights


No matter how big or small your landscape idea for your home is, we love to partner with local residents throughout Oak Park Heights and beyond, creating sustainable yards, beautiful softscapes, and outdoor spaces that families can enjoy all season long. 


Ready for summers to be better than ever? Enjoy your yard even more and call SunKissed today.


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